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Searching for Korean dogwood? The Korean dogwood-also called the Japanese dogwood, kousa, kousa dogwood and cornus kousa-is an ornamental tree considered relatively small in comparison with others like it. It’s pleasing rounded shape at maturity and flowering branches in Spring make it a desirable feature for parks, gardens and backyards. This specimen, although exotic, makes a perfectly natural and beautiful addition to any landscape. The Korean dogwood and many other ornamental landscaping trees are for sale at Appalachian Farms!

This species of dogwood is native to East Asia in Korea, China and Japan. However, it has been widely cultivated for many years, and on different continents, because of its appealing look and adaptability. The tree becomes a dazzling red color in the Fall and, in the Spring, loses its leaves and promptly develops delicate flowers.  It was even fully naturalized in the state of New York!

The tree is deciduous (meaning it’s leaves turn and fall off seasonally) and it flowers in the Spring. Interestingly, the Korean dogwood flowers approximately one month after our native dogwoods here in the states which is an effective way of identifying one. It can also be differentiated from other dogwoods by the tapered and pointed white “flower petals” as opposed to rounded. At first sight, those flowers appear to be white with a greenish yellow center. However, what many perceive as white petals are bracts, which are the leaves of a flowering plant that support and surround the flower. What people see as the center of the “petals” is tiny clusters of delicate yellow and green flowers. Pink-red berries appear on the branches towards the end of this dogwoods flowering season. They can be up to 1 ½ inches in diameter and typically fall off at maturity. They are edible and said to be quite sweet and delicious! The berries can even be made into an enjoyable wine.

This exotic yet familiar tree along with many other landscaping trees are for sale at G&S Trees!