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Zelkova serrata, Japanese zelkova, keyaki, or most commonly, Japanese elm is a species within the zelkova genus of trees in the elm family that originate in eastern Asia, and southern Europe. These distinctive and ancient trees are native to China, Taiwan, Korea and of course Japan. However, they’ve been distributed across the globe after gaining worldwide popularity for their ornamental use, and use in the art of bonsai. These exotic specimens as well as many other unique landscaping trees are available and for sale at G&S Trees!

Japanese elms are deciduous (the leaves change based on the season) trees and they are considered generally medium-sized. These trees grow relatively quickly when young but the growth rate slows at middle age and then maturity. They’re distinguishable by their short trunks which quickly divides and separates into erect stems that eventually form into a rounded shape. The leaves that adorn the branches are typically 2 inches long and wide, ovular in shape and serrated (hence the scientific name serrata) at the edges. Japanese elm leaves can be green and dark green during spring and summer, and then yellow, orangs and red during the fall. They feel slightly rough to the touch on top and smooth on the underside. In the Spring, almost imperceptible clusters of yellow-green flowers begin to appear along new branches. Towards the end of spring, these flowers give way to very small drupes (stone fruit) which ripen throughout the summer and drop off in autumn. If properly cared for, these trees can live an unusually long amount of time. There is a Japanese elm currently in Osaka, Japan that has been alive for over 1,000 years. It is almost 83 feet tall and a trunk circumference of 40 feet.

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