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The Salix Integra, commonly called the Dappled Willow, or Hakuro-Nishiki is a fast-growing shrub tree that performs well in medium to wet areas that get full sun. This type is much like other willow trees for sale in that it thrives the best in soil that is consistently moist. It can tolerate a drier climate, but prefers lots of wetness. It will reach a height of 8 ft. to 10 ft. Offering bright pink leaves that turn a creamy white and green as they mature, Dappled Willows are a nice accent shrub that provides color during the winter months.

Our dappled willow trees for sale require minimal pruning if you are looking for a more natural, wild shrub look. Oftentimes, people prune back the stems in late winter to ensure that heavy growth occurs in the spring. Hakuro Nishiki trees for sale prefer to grow in zones 4 – 9. Think about using dappled willow trees for sale along borders, and in very wet locations of your yard or landscape. A woodland garden would be the optimal environment for this species.

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