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G & S Trees, Inc. grows and sells landscaping trees such as the popular Canadian Hemlock Tree (Tsuga Candensis) or Eastern Hemlock. This landscape evergreen type of tree is found throughout North America and is a nice hedge landscape tree that can be used for year around color. It requires very little maintenance once installed, and can grow in medium moisture regions. It loves being in shaded areas, under trees and under overhangs and tends to get sun scaled if planted in direct sunlight.

In history, the Eastern hemlock tree or hemlock spruce tree, was well liked for its bark which contains necessary tannin for leather. A coniferous tree, the Eastern Hemlock puts off small seed cones, near the branch tips that hang in a beautiful way.

Our company grows and sells all different kinds of ornamental landscape trees and shrubs including Eastern hemlock, Canadian hemlock trees. Our Fraser fir garland and fresh Christmas trees are sold in a variety of locations and retail stores. We are a local company, operating in Western North Carolina with growing fields in a variety of counties. If you are interested in any of our trees, or would like more information on the Christmas greenery and landscape supplies that we sell, please reach out and connect with us.