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Searching for Canaan fir trees for sale? G&S Trees grows and sells Canaan Fir trees for sale and other varieties of wholesale Christmas trees. Canaan firs (abies balsamea var phanerolepis) are a type of Evergreen tree and a relative newcomer to the Christmas tree market. A little known tree until recently, the Canaan fir is native to remote areas of West Virginia and Virginia. Luckily Canaan firs as well as many other landscaping trees are for sale at G&S Trees!

Canaan fir trees are considered medium-sized and grow to be about 40-55 feet high and 20-30 feet wide. It is thought to be one of the more appealing fir trees due to it’s lush foliage, uniform triangular top and elegant tip. The foliage is typically dense and can appear as deep emerald green or blueish green. Needles range from ¾ inch to 1 ½ inches in length and are well-spaced on the individual branches. The tree develops dark violet colored cones at an early age that turn gray or brown when mature. Canaan firs are generally more resilient to frost and overly damp conditions than Fraser or Balsam firs. It gets it’s common name from the Canaan Valley in Northeastern West Virginia.

How this specific kind of fir became so isolated to one area of the Appalachian Mountains is due to changing climate since the last glacial period. Researchers found that a continuous singular species of fir ran North Carolina all the way across the Appalachians into Canada. Over the years, as the climate and land shifted, causing Balsam firs to grow further north, Fraser firs to cultivate at the growing higher elevations in Virginia and North Carolina, and Canaan firs to grow at the higher elevations in West Virginia and Virginia. Canaan fir trees are considered a variety of Balsam and a separate species entirely from Fraser firs.

This unique, robust and beautiful specimen of fir tree, along with many other landscaping trees are for sale at Appalachian Farms to perfectly accent your hearth at Christmas, or landscape at any time of year!