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Searching for callery pear trees for sale? We are a landscape tree and shrub supplier. Learn more about Callery pear trees. Pyrus calleryana, or more commonly the Callery pear, is a species of pear tree native to Vietnam and China. It is adored for the multitude of five-petaled white flowers it grows in the early spring. This lovely pear tree makes a bright, springy addition to any park or yard and is available, along with many other types of landscaping trees, for sale at Appalachian Farms through G&S Trees!

The flowers of this tree grow before the leaves which isn’t typical for many of the flowering trees we are used to in America. Leaves expand fully after the blooms do in early and mid-spring. The leaves begin life as a dark green color but change in very late autumn to bright yellow or orange, red and bronze. Unfortunately, since the leaves turn so late in the season and these trees are highly susceptible to frost, often times the foliage is killed by the cold before it can change color. These trees grow fruit but not pears as the name may misleadingly suggest. The fruit is usually less than a centimeter in diameter, brown, and too tough to eat. It gets softened by frosts in the winter and is enjoyed by birds which then spread the seeds with their droppings. The abundance of fruit and foreign origins of this tree have resulted in a now invasive species. Callery pears are considered a nuisance in the northeastern United States where they outcompete other native plants and trees for resources. The population is under control for the moment and really not an issue in the majority of the country. This species is still cherished for it’s ornamental value in every season.

Callery pears and many other types of beautiful landscaping trees are for sale at G&S Trees and can be shipped anywhere in the United States!